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Welcome to Pottlinse

My name is Carsten Wisniewski

Photography has been my hobby for over twenty years. I started with digital compact cameras such as the Canon Powershot and the Panasonic LUMIX up to the Sony Alpha6000 with interchangeable lenses.

What particularly appealed to me were the possibilities of image post-processing, which were still new at the time. By switching to a digital single-lens reflex camera, I was able to develop my creativity even further.

POTTLINSE Fotograf Carsten Wisniewski

My Home

My homeland, the Ruhr area, not only offers countless motifs with the old collieries, heaps, monuments and its industrial culture, the landscape and nature of the "Kohlenpott" also offer a wide range of possibilities. I never just start snapping, everything that comes in front of my lens. Rather, I already have a certain idea of the finished pictures in mind that needs to be implemented. For me, the special appeal of a motif comes from the combination of perspective and the play of light and shadow. The later image processing only underlines the desired effect and is part of the overall concept.

My technique

I currently use the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. The lenses I mainly use are the wide-angle Tamron SP 15-30 F/2.8 Di VC USD, the Sigma normal lens with 50mm F1.4 DG HSM and the zoom Canon EF 4.5-5 ,6/100-400 L IS II USM, rarely my travel zoom Canon EF 24-105 mm/4 L IS II USM.

Of course, my camera also accompanies me on many trips. Here I like to be inspired by the typical architecture and nature when choosing a motif and capture my personal view of things.

Have Fun

I wish you a lot of fun browsing my site – maybe you like one or the other picture. Current works can also be found on my Facebook page „Pottlinse“ and of course on the Instagram page of the same name.


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